The needs of our clients are usually very specific with various degrees of quarantine and containment required. The plants in their greenhouses can represent many years of research work. The planning necessary to for fill our clients’ needs is often detailed and extensive. Queensland Glasshouse will handle all or part of your project from bare ground to fully fit out lock up stage. We provide this service for any location. Our consultation and advice is usually given free of charge. We have completed projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales as well as Darwin, Bangladesh and Irian Jaya.



Our services include the following:

  • Consultation and Design appropriate for your requirements
  • Design & Construction of complete New Installations
    • Air Conditioning and controls
    • Benches - fixed/mobile, heated
    • Shades – internal/external, manual/auto
  • Maintenance Repairs & Refurbishments
  • Modifications
    • Reglazing
    • Shade repairs
    • Air conditioning
    • Pneumatic controls